Brad Berry

  • Nickname: The Rockledge Rocket
  • Hometown: Rockledge, AL
  • Birthday: December 03, 1990

Brad is one of those people you truly just sit back and think "Wow" at his work ethic. He works extremely hard to have what he wants. He's a go getter.

During racing season, he is working in his race car shop every single day. His weekly routine is race Saturday (of course), unload the car that night when we get home even if it's 3:00 in the am, wash the car the very next morning, rest that evening. Then comes Monday, every evening after he gets off of work at his full time job, he comes home and gets to work on the race car.

If you've ever been around Brad, he comes off as shy at first. He doesn't say a whole lot to anyone until he gets to know them. Once he knows you, he will talk to you every time he sees you. He really is a great guy. We are proud he is our driver!

  • Occupation: Etowah County Road Dept.
  • Relationship Status: Married
  • Family: Daughter- Magnolia, 2 Wife- Dallas
  • Hobbies: No hobbies other than racing.
  • Car Number: 27
  • Racing Division: Limited Late Model & Super Late Model
  • Years Racing: 19
  • Career Wins: 35+
  • Chassis: Capital
  • Engine Builder: Vinson Race Engines
  • Team Owner: Brad Berry
  • Pit Crew: Dallas Berry/Wife. Chris Berry/Dad. Joel Boggs/Friend. Brandon Vaughn/Friend.
  • Favorite Track: Magnolia Motor Speedway.
  • Favorite Race: Clash at the Mag.
  • Most Wanted Wins: Ice Bowl victory/Talladega Short Track. Crate USA touring race victory. Victory at Magnolia Motor Speedway.

Career Highlights;
**2017 Talladega Short Track 604 Crate Late Model Track Champion
**2022 Talladega Short Track Limited Late Model Track Champion!